Post-NH Primary Prediction: GOP Voters will settle for Romney like Lexus-worshippers settle for Camry

To no one’s surprise, former Massachusetts governor and candidate for the Republican Presidential candidate nomination, Mitt Romney, won the New Hampshire primary yesterday. He won with an amount (39%) beyond what pundits claimed would otherwise show trouble, and he easily cleared Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who earned 23%. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman claimed third place (with an enthusiasm almost more appropriate for a Saturday Night Live skit — watch Huntsman’s primary speech here) by garnering 17% of the vote. Check out a good look at all the numbers from WMUR, including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum each with 9%. Texas Governor Rick Perry mustered 1% (and gets some love from Smart Girl Politics).

So what happened? More like, what didn’t happen.

What didn’t happen was a collapse of Romney’s stature in what is practically his home state, regardless of his “I like to fire” statement that’s been played up by Gingrich. What also didn’t happen is Huntsman getting up to or past Ron Paul. And even his improvement from the Iowa showing, where he didn’t campaign, gets knocked down a couple of notches because Iowa and New Hampshire voters don’t have much in common. And for those rooting for Huntsman, you won’t really need popcorn — South Carolina is a lot more like Iowa (more about that in a minute).

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