Tone deaf? Blind? Backwards? Arrogant? How about just plain wrong

Where are the women?

Bernadine Healy must be spinning in her grave

(More about Bernadine Healy here – she mandated that women be included in health trials – about women’s health. Hello.)

There’s a lot of excellent commentary on that photo around the web but here’s US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) speaking up about it – with the image full blown behind her:

And we can’t ignore that here are the menz pundits this morning on MSNBC (read more about the optic debacle here) talking about what else – women’s health and contraception. Nary a woman.  Unbelievable in 2012.

Where are the women?

Where are the women?

3 thoughts on “Tone deaf? Blind? Backwards? Arrogant? How about just plain wrong

  1. Could you use a better choice of words for the title? I’m a Deafblind woman who supports what your content has to deliver yet object because of the negative tone slanted towards sensory losses that I have to live with on a daily basis.

    Please reconsider.

  2. As a DeafBlind Jew, I find the title of this post completely offensive. Why is Deafness and blindness associated with backward arrogancy??

    I find it additionally surprising that this is a site that advocates the rights of women, and yet disparages other demographics. And I hope Jill Zimon realizes the arrogant backwards error of her ways and does not malign us like this again in the future.

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