Donna Glisman leads Ohio’s GOP US Senate Primary Race, Especially With Women Voters

Well this opened my eyes! From the polling site:

The Following election poll was conducted over a seven day period from February 20 – 27, contacting 3200 likely primary voters of each major party, divided equally over the 16 congressional districts.   All calls were made in person, to landline phone numbers researched on, from registered voter lists supplied by the Secretary of State:

Ohio U.S. Senate Republican Primary Polling
Name            TOTAL        Men         Women         Under 50      Over 50
Dodt                 1%           1%             0%               0%             1%
Glisman            23%         15%            32%              17%           24%
Gregory             3%           5%             2%               5%             6%
Mandel             17%         20%           14%              22%           13%
Pryce                6%           9%             4%               4%             6%
Undecided         50%         50%           48%              52%            50%

Take a look at that undecided number!

Ohio’s open primary system means that its large portion of voters who identify as independents, and women in particular, can really affect the outcome of this race.  Turnout is notoriously low for primaries – I heard yesterday on one of the cable shows that it can average just 10-20% nationwide for the presidential primary race. Ouch.

Donna Glisman – you go girl! I don’t know a thing about her, I’m not voting a Republican ballot and I do know who I’m supporting in November – but I always like seeing women run.  Check out her League of Women Voters’ information here.

I won’t be voting for any of these candidates in the primary or the general, but for those of you who really want to vote for a Republican, you clearly do not need to follow the narrative that because Josh Mandel has the money, he has the win.

Go be civic and really make your vote count on March 6 – whichever way that goes for you.

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