Limbaugh Lands Civility Big Time Earned Media

The most recent avalanche of earned media for the concept of civility derives from multiple rants enunciated by Rush Limbaugh – who would have thunk, eh? This particular set of rants targeted a 30 year old female law student who wanted to testify on Capitol Hill about why contraception should be covered by health care insurance. Suffice it to say that Limbaugh’s behavior in this instance has been deemed so uncivil by so broad a swath of Americans that nearly 50 advertisers (and I’ve seen some counts as high as 80 or more) including AOL, LegalZoom, ProFlowers and Cleveland’s own Quicken Loans no longer support the show. And of course, coverage of people with the money, standing up to say that they don’t want their money supporting someone who expresses thoughts the way Limbaugh does, is another boost to the idea that we do value civility.

But wait! There’s more. Read it at my Civic Commons blog post.

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