Wayne’s World – and Madonna Would Not Like It

From the Detroit News and pretty much all around the www:

State Rep. Lisa Brown’s now infamous June 13 “vagina” remark on the House floor and Rep. Barb Byrum’s disruptive yelling at Speaker Pro Tem John Walsh for not being allowed to speak on her abortion bill amendment to ban most male sterilization has gained national attention. House Republican leaders barred Brown and Byrum from speaking on June 14 in response to their alleged violations of the decorum of the House a day before.

Now their blood is really boiling after state Rep. Wayne Schmidt, R-Traverse City, told syndicated radio host Michael Patrick Shiels earlier this week that Brown and Byrum’s one-day silencing was “like giving a kid a timeout for a day.”

So many questions, so little time. What’s he do to bullies if this is what he does to mothers who are lawyers who are elected officials using a word that’s in the very legislation the public body is discussing?

From Digby:

This is another form of gaslighting, which I’m sure most women have experienced at the hands of certain men. Nothing in my professional experience was ever as infuriating as this sort of thing, which I had to learn to suppress in order not to be seen as “difficult” or “hysterical.” But even today, years later, just reading that makes me feel sick inside — and very, very angry.

Treating women like children for speaking their minds is the most widely used tool in the misogynist handbook. Nothing short of physical abuse is more offensive.

What she said.

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