Crain’s Women of Note on This Morning’s SOI

Update: you can listen to the show here.

Thanks to still reading print, I read about this morning’s Sound of Ideas featuring Crain’s Women of Note. I am extraordinarily proud (and fortunate) to say that one of them, Marsha Mockabee of The Urban League – was one of my earliest mentors as I figured out what I would be when I grew up. She was my field adviser in 1990 during my social work school field placement with her when she headed up Career Beginnings.

The “Women of Note” honored by Crain’s this year are noteworthy for their accomplishments and their perseverance. On the next Sound of Ideas, we’ll spend an hour with four of them to discuss their struggles and successes. The president of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, the owner of two AAMCO franchises, the executive director of the Akron Marathon and the construction boss for a local developer will join us. Their stories with host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9.

Marsha Mockabee, President, Urban League of Greater Cleveland
Marlene Herman, Franchise Owner, AAMCO Transmissions &Total Car Care
Anne Bitong, Executive Director, Akron Marathon
Sue Frankel, VP of Construction, Robert L. Stark Enterprises

Thank you to all the awardees for their work and commitment, but also to those who recognize these contributions. And of course, congratulations, Marsha. To saw you are amazing seems kind of trite but, you are amazing. Thank you.

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