“Pistol Whip” Nuns For Disagreeing with Paul Ryan? Really?

I’m beyond thrilled that the Nuns on the Bus tour came through Cleveland yesterday though I was unable to attend their events. However, they did meet with the Plain Dealer editorial board and their presence produced this article.

What I’m absolutely not thrilled about is the unreal reel you can listen to in this clip in which a radio show host, with an elected official as a guest, suggests that the nuns be pistol whipped because of their disagreement with the damage they see in being done if US Senator Paul Ryan’s budget dreams ever came to fruition. And that guest – laughs – a lung-deep laugh.

Seriously – not only WWJD (and that J doesn’t stand for Jill), but what on earth has gotten into people? Pistol whip nuns? For disagreeing with legislation?

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