RIP Nora Ephron, Who Embodies Why We Reject People Who Say Women Can’t Be Funny

Thank you to Nora Ephron for all that she gave. From Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein:

I’m sitting here reeling from the news that Nora Ephron has died.  No one even knew she was sick and now she is gone.  The loss to movies, and especially to women in movies, cannot be underestimated.  This is a woman who was an Oscar nominated screenwriter three times over for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle.  Not many people can boast one Oscar nomination and she got three.  She was a successful writer who then at 50 became a director.  In a business that prides itself on youth, and precisely speaking, male youth, this woman decided to become a director after a successful career as a journalist and screenwriter.

I think this New York Times obit is good but there are many other reviews of her and her work to be found, including clips of the best of the scenes she wrote, produced or directed. I also love reading her lines or hearing others say them now. Mostly, I’m so grateful that people like her come into being and leave these things to us. It’s almost selfish.

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