Obama, Falling Gas Prices and Radio Silence

Yeesh – I posted this one little thing on my Facebook page:

Filling up at 3.29/gal – who predicted that? And look at all the people thanking Obama after being so harsh on him when they feared the worst and thought for sure he controlled the price of gas! Oh – wait – no one is thanking him? They decided the president doesn’t control the price of gas? Well whadyaknow!? Not much, indeed.

and look what’s ensued.

Folks – I was being sarcastic. I don’t ever think Obama (or any single leader) had the ability, all by their lonesomes, to make the price of gas go up or down. I thought it was absurd when the news was obsessed with the tick-tock of the price going up a few months ago and I think the failure for anyone to report on the decline since then – nearly 80 cents or more in some places in two months – is equally absurd. The failure of those who were demanding that Obama “do” something about it to say anything now that the price has declined is equally unfortunate – and absolutely not surprising.

Which is why the entire chapter of gas price rhetoric should be eliminated, period.

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