Susie Porter, Thank You for the Twinkies & the Tears & GOOD LUCK!

Stories don’t get any better than this one, Susie Porter, who once ran the Town Fryer restaurant, is heading off to college — at the age of 54, and the fact that I actually have a teeny connection to it (Bloggapalooza 2006) – enough that I cried three times reading the story and again while leaving a comment for Susie on her blog, Tips for Going Back to School For Adults and Non-traditional Students – makes it even more fabulous.

Please read that whole article, visit Susie’s blog, spread this information and thank her for her chutzpah, stamina and contributions. All before she’s even set foot on that college campus.

Supporting actor awards to Tri-C and Cornell’s admissions office, from what it sounds like, not to mention many others I’m sure Susie feels helped her along the way.

Just imagine what Susie may be doing after she graduates!


3 thoughts on “Susie Porter, Thank You for the Twinkies & the Tears & GOOD LUCK!

  1. Wahoo! Thank you Susie Porter, for the Twinkies and the tears and good luck!🙂 I am really surprised to read that excellent pose. Keep it up!🙂

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for the kind words – I can only hope that I have inspired others; it is never too late to live your dreams!

    Wishing you everything that is good – Susie

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