All for One and #One4One: How to De-Cloak Leaders Among Us

This column by Deanna Zandt tells you everything you need to know about the effort to make visible the myriad talents in the tech world that repeatedly get overlooked. It’s definitely a teach them how to fish not just a give them a fish approach – which is to say it seeks to change the culture and the cultural conditions that lead to women and minorities being left out in disproportionate numbers to their presence from the tech world.

Please read the column, use the hashtag #one4one and identify folks you think should be more visible and pass it on.  From the column:

Imagine if we could break out of the linear constraints that bind us when we’re making lists of favorite people. What if it were like a trading card game, where you got to pick your Babe Ruths, and also see who’s picked you? And what if we made one of the parameters of the game that you got more points for picking people in your field from underrepresented groups?

A bunch of us who work in the tech and information industries are tired of pointing out that women and people of color are missing from lists, from panels, from articles about the industry, and that it’s the same six straight white guys having conversations about the future of media, technology and, well, everything. And a lot of people are tired of hearing it. So, let’s jump in and do something, and, as Rachel Sklar has been pushing for, change the ratio.

Go to Twitter right now, before you even finish reading this post, and share your One.

You heard Deanna – now go. Then read her column in its entirety and pass it on. Thank you.

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