RIP, Sally Ride

On a day when the debate about math and gender popped up again, ironic that we learn of Sally Ride’s death. She was only 61. Thoughtful pieces:

Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space, Dies at 61 by my friend and BlogHer colleague, Prof. Kim Pearson

Sally Ride Science – this site was hard to get to yesterday after her death was announced – I hope the traffic continues

Remembering Sally Ride from the White House with videos

Pioneering NASA Astronaut Sally Ride Dies At Age 61 from TechCrunch

RIP Sally Ride by another woman in the space industry

Sadly, there’s also some incredibly nasty, obnoxious stuff being put out there – pure linkbait – so I won’t link to it, but sheesh, give it a rest, people.

One thought on “RIP, Sally Ride

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