On Feagler: Port Tax, Dimora Sentencing and Gun Laws

It went FAST. It will broadcast again tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:30 on WVIZ, then Monday and Tuesday on the Ohio Channel and then the video is posted at this link where you can also find this blurb:

Newsmaker:  Wade Steen, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer—local property owners are finding out this week what their new real estate valuations are.  County officials say values are down about nine per cent overall.  But it will mean little, if any, tax relief.  State laws that suppress millage when property values rise, bring up millage when values drop.  Mr. Steen will explain how it all works.

Roundtable:  Elizabeth Sullivan, editorial page editor, The Plain Dealer; Stan Bullard, senior reporter, Crain’s Cleveland Business; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks.

More Support for the Port—Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority’s board this week voted to take a new port levy to the ballot this fall. Money would be used to shore up the banks along the Cuyahoga River, repair bulkheads and pay for provisions to dispose of dredging material.  The levy is a countywide issue, but in Cleveland will compete for attention with the Cleveland school levy.

Dimora Sentencing—former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora learns Monday how long he’ll spend in prison for his spring conviction on racketeering and bribery charges. Federal prosecutors want Judge Sara Lioi to impose a harsh sentence befitting a former official who betrayed the public trust for personal gain.  Dimora’s lawyers argued for a lighter sentence given the non-violent nature of his offenses.

Aftermath in Aurora—
a Monday court appearance gave the public its first glimpse of James Holmes, the accused killer of 12 people in a Colorado movie theater.  While Holmes’s bizarre outer appearance—including orange-dyed hair—was on display, his inner self remains a closed book.  He’s not cooperating with police and has not indicated why he started shooting.  The incident has, for now, reignited the national debate over gun control and ramped up gun sales in Colorado.

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