Ohio Statehouse: Kudos to Teachers for Entering the Arena

Love this story in today’s Plain Dealer about how SB5 has led to a record number of teachers or former teachers running for the Ohio statehouse. An excerpt:

Fourteen teachers and former teachers – including two incumbents – are running as Democrats for seats in the Ohio House, and two for seats in the Senate. Some cite SB5 — passed by the Republican-dominated legislature — as their main motivator, and others the drastic cuts in education funding. But all of them agree that the legislature could use more people passionate about education.

I particularly love that some of these races are very likely to result in loss for the educators but rather than just get mad, they’re working to get elected.

Just this morning I opined with a group that it’s great for people to get organized and try to influence electeds. But wouldn’t it be even better to have electeds who didn’t need the mountain of persuading that often times comes to naught despite its critical mass and critical message in order to be the kind of public servants that, you know, serve the public, publicly?