Tonight: Feagler & Friends, in Which I Stay Silent

Well, when it came to talking Browns. Sort of. You’ll see. Here’s the blurb:

Guest Analyst:  Kevin T. Jacques, Boynton D. Murch Chair in Finance at Baldwin Wallace University—Congress and the President managed to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’ but the tax bill for most working Americans is going up.  A deal that raises marginal tax rates on the highest wage earners also allows a payroll tax break to expire, affecting wage earners at all income levels.  Also going up are taxes on business and investors.  Without a deal marginal tax rates would have gone up for most workers. Still looming are new debates over the federal debt ceiling and discretionary spending.

Roundtable:  Michael Heaton, columnist, The Plain Dealer; Jill Miller Zimon, blogger, Writes Like She Talks; Ned Whelan, Whelan Communications.

Fiscal Cliff—the panel continues discussion about the fallout from the fiscal cliff resolution on New Year’s Day.

Browns Seek New Field Management—the new ownership team is shopping for a head coach and a general manager after the house-cleaning that followed the end of another losing season.  Team president Joe Banner is busy interviewing head coach candidates, including University of Oregon’s successful coach Chip Kelly and Ken Whisenhunt, who once lead the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl.

Armed Teachers? Hundreds of Ohio teachers signed up for firearms training in the wake of the latest deadly school shooting that took 26 lives in Newtown, CT.  The gun owners’ advocacy group Buckeye Firearms Association offered free training for teachers and administrators, with the first class expected in the spring. The Association’s president says interest has exceeded expectations.

On the Way Out for Good—The Plain Dealer’s Minister of Culture, Michael Heaton, writes that many cultural icons are headed for the ash heap of history.  Among utilitarian items on their way out are wristwatches, replaced by a multitude of tools that tell time; alarm clocks, made redundant by cell phones that have built-in alarm functions and the local post office, a business model that’s quickly fading in a digital world.

4 thoughts on “Tonight: Feagler & Friends, in Which I Stay Silent

  1. Yes, my vocabulary is a product of the Cleveland school systems.

    My manners came from home.

    I address issues Anastasia Pantsios not individuals. I will assume since there was no response, other than to me as a person, that you agree whole heartily 🙂

    Check my site out, we are rocking the web, the stats prove people seek truth. I started that site after progressohio banned me , best thing ever. Ciao

  2. My mother would have said that a limited vocabulary reflects a limited mind. My grandmother would have had some choice Yiddish words to describe you, James.

  3. And a happy new year to you. Reads like you’ve become a bit too comfortable with lax commenting guidelines elsewhere so I had to do a bit of editing out of your more colorful adjectives and name-calling. I’m sure you remember how that works. Feel free to add links to back up your assertions – we love evidence here! Have a good 2013.

  4. Whats up [edited]?

    Just wanted to check in and see how that hope and change has worked out for you.


    The rest of the world knows that the Fiscal Cliff phrase is code for austerity, and you the American citizen are gonna pay up, like half of Europe is doing now.

    Back to hope and change… Under Obama we have seen government grow a 10 trillion, yes trillion, in more debt, raises for the most hated class in the country, our representatives, triple the marijuana raids on poor sick folks, two new wars (with Syria in the cross hairs) and double the drone strikes on sovereign nations we never declared war against.

    My favorite Obama change must be the NDAA where the leader of the once free world can order Americans killed or permanently detained with out trial .

    Holy Jeeze, I think I want [edited] Bush back.

    Merry holidays, and enjoy your new year [edited].

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