Diversity in Obama cabinet, White House and administration

This topic is all the rage this week. Use the comments for discussion. Again, I go back to the esteemed Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor (comes at the 30 second mark) and their comments to Diane Sawyer in 2010. Btw, the whole clip is worthwhile to recall just how hard reaching parity has been and how nonpartisan this issue is:

Nine. I love that answer.

4 thoughts on “Diversity in Obama cabinet, White House and administration

  1. This video is so awesome! It’s interesting to hear these women leaders talk. The discussion is even more relevant now with record women in office positions this year! Nine women is a great goal to look forward too and with the great strides women leaders are making, we’ll get there someday.

  2. This is a priceless video clip. Thanks for sharing it. I will likely pass it on with all credit to you.

    The answer to everything now will be “Nine.”

    In addition to her brilliant jurisprudence, Ginsburg is the justice who is clearest, and possibly the only one who is fully clear, about her feminist framework. Even if we don’t get to 9, I’d sure like to see another one like her on the court.

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