In the PD: “Speak up to attain power, women told”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. From today’s article on the front page of the Plain Dealer’s Business section:

“We need to start talking about power: how we can get it and how we can keep it,” she [Patricia Gillette, “partner at the San Francisco law firm of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP and co-founder of the Opt-In Project, which helps retain and empower more women in law firms”] said. That starts with having more self-confidence, taking more risks and being more resilient, and getting better at promoting themselves.

She pointed out that when Dorothy and her team finally reached the Emerald City of Oz, “she steps back, [watches the others get their rewards] and says ‘I know you don’t have anything for me.’ ”

“You have to be able to promote yourself. You have to be able to tell people ‘I’m successful.’ “

I can’t improve on that – except to say that we have to go out and do it, and thank you to all the women I know who do do this and have been advocating for it for years – you know who you are.

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