5 Things You’ll Never Know Until You Run For Office


What state of being would a person have to be in to run for the legislature in a state that can’t stay out of the news when it comes to the economy, or abortion, or voting rights, or labor issues? And run as a Democrat at a time when that party is outnumbered by a veto-proof majority in the statehouse?

A state of wanting to give voice to a community birthed by redistricting and to apply lessons and successes of being in a municipal government — including shaking it up a good amount — to a process woefully in need of some good ole checks and balances.

And so, in early July 2013, with the blessing of my husband of 22 years and my kids, aged 14, 17 and 20, I started to campaign for the State Representative seat for nine suburbs and a well-settled, well-established, very active portion of Cleveland – Ward 1.

Now, the Internet is replete with articles about women and electoral politics – good, bad and ugly. And they’re very helpful in sketching out the myriad contexts women encounter when it comes to being in elected, political decision-making roles. But there are more than a few things no boot camp can prepare you for. These are my top five discoveries so far:

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