Cleveland Needs Enduring Self-Esteem, Not Just Coverage as Convention Mecca

The New York Times dedicated several columns today, including two large photos and one obligatory image of the Cuyahoga River on fire, to Cleveland’s status as the only site being poked and prodded for 2016 convention fitness.

Trip Gabriel does a nice job, and the chandelier is quickly replacing the Terminal Tower as the image de rigueur for our city’s stories. But I’m rather agnostic about the convention attention. Just as our kids should be pleased with good grades and achievement for themselves, not for anyone else, ditto Cleveland. The recognition is nice and visibility brings its own shine. But our accomplishment to this point, and the ones we seek to reach before and after the summer of 2016, are needed and worthwhile on their own.

You will never hear me ask for the positive coverage to stop. Expect the opposite, if anything, as our successes stack up.

But dalliances turn into memories, and Northeast Ohio needs self-esteem that is far more sustaining than one holiday Friday spread.