Finding Good Government Kin on Social Media

Not as easy as you might think.

Good gov, open gov advocates – check. People in elected office – check. Political tech – check. But people who overlap all three? Not easy to find.

Civic tech gets close, but without the electeds, there is only so far we can go. That whole you need to change the people thing, it’s true. And yes, even one person can change things, or help the change progress (is that redundant?).

But it’s still very perplexing to me that there are so few people who operate in this arena. My search for Google+ users with whom I should connect reinforced this sense I’ve had for a long time.

And I think, and have thought – even before I was in elected office or running for office – that this is a bad thing. Why do you think this might be, or do you think it’s not an accurate view?

PS The featured photo for this post is from – San Francisco Planning and Urban Research. They do a good government awards program every year. For those following the housing situation in the Bay area, they put out this report earlier this year.