Conservative Twitter Wars on #Immigration: Dana Loesch v. Andrew Brenner

Somewhere between the music lesson drop-off and the failure to find something to drink at the Zagara’s in Cleveland Heights around 3:15pm today, I was sitting in my car browsing one of the Twitter lists I usually scan for interesting new news when I came across this tweet from Ohio State Rep. Andrew Brenner – he of the, “public education is socialism and it should be privatized” story a few months back:

And I thought, hmmm, now this looks interesting. So I traced it back, looking at Chris Loesch’s tweets, Sara Marie’s tweets, Andrew’s tweets and Chris’s wife’s tweets, Dana Loesch.

Turns out, these four were going at it on Twitter over Glenn Beck’s offer to provide aid to the children who have crossed into the U.S. and are being housed at various places near the border. The Brenners appear to be concerned that Beck’s aid is the same as helping out the parents and they don’t seem to like it. The Loesch’s perspective is that this is private charity of the most humane kind.

The truly sad thing? Their debate highlights the limits of debate of any type: we need the members of Congress to not just have this debate, but we need them to provide and approve solutions that can be implemented. And yet all some of them want to do is to not work on immigration reform and then complain that the president abuses the executive office.

Whatevs. One reason I ran for office? Because I want to do more to get us closer to solving problems and implementing solutions. Clearly I have used social media to its fullest capacity. But it’s very often not enough.

And unless the social media sideshow with these four conservative opinionators results in some action that alleviates the children’s suffering, they’re not doing enough either.

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