5 Women to Watch, Heading to the Ohio House of Representatives

They’ve won their primary election and are likely to win their general election. Three are replacing men and are expected to increase the number of Ohio House Democratic Caucus women (currently 11 out of 39). Will this change in gender representation make a difference? Hard to say, and even harder to follow unless you are intentional about it. Which I plan to be. Luckily I’ve had the fortune to have met all but one of these winners (have only tweeted or Facebooked with Greta Johnson so far) and am optimistic.

But we know how competitive it is to get Statehouse news coverage of a truly investigative nature up here due to strained news resources. I’m not making any promises, and I can’t afford a subscription to Hannah News Service or Gongwer, but it’s definitely my hope to really follow them closely – as closely as I still follow my own state rep.

These links are to their current campaign websites. As this post ages, I’d suggest visiting their Facebook pages or their official statehouse site. If I remember, I will update those links in several months once they’re established.

In District number order:

Janine Boyd, District 8

Stephanie Howse, District 11

Emilia Sykes – District 34

Greta Johnson – District 35

Michele Lepore-Hagan, District 58