Start Your Style Guides Now for Cleveland RNC 2016

I didn’t know that such things existed until this article from Forbes (yes, that Forbes) for Netroots Nation 2014 came up on a listserv I’m on. And then it turned out that I know (or, really, used to know) the maker of the What to Wear to CPAC (yes, as in Conservative Political Action Convention) guide.

So this reality portends for all kinds of mischief in Cleveland when the Republican National Convention is held here in 2016. Can you imagine the style guides we’re going to need to produce?

For starters, here’s an up-to-date Cleveland-based fashion blog, CLEfashionista – style in the heart of it all. Rachel: I hope you will take on this challenge seriously. I’m such an old-school Cleveland blogger: back in my day, as Grumpy Old Man might say, we didn’t have fashion blogs. All we had were pajamas, our parents’ basement and That’s the way it was, and we liked it!

We’ve got a little less than two years to shape our style guides. Go!