Ohio Former Governor Ted Strickland, Donna Brazile to Lead New 527, Democrats for Public Education

On Friday, Politico reported the news:

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Donna Brazile have … agreed to act as co-chairs … We intend to begin a national campaign aimed at united Democrats and showing broad support for the core principles outlined in the statement. At the AFT convention [today] in Los Angeles, president Randi Weingarten will talk more about it.

They linked to this statement about the organization’s formation. The AFT’s coverage of Weingarten’s announcement indicates that former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will also be involved.

This group is expected to be a ballast to Democrats for Education Reform, also known as DFER (pronounced DEE-fer). A branch existed in Ohio for sometime but appears to be inactive. The national DFER apparently greeted the new entity with this warm, cooshy welcome. I guess the whole notion of playing nice on the playground is in for a serious makeover.

NB: As a local grassroots Democratic primary candidate who was personally targeted by the pro-privatization campaign financing juggernaut StudentsFirst, which is headed by Michelle Rhee, I look forward to seeing what this new organization will accomplish. Look for much more from me about the role of StudentsFirst in Ohio’s statehouse races as WLST continues to publish.