A Woman A Day: “I have no intention of retiring. Even my blood sugar is better when I’m working.”

This is no coincidence. Elaine Stritch has died and I hadn’t yet finished the woman of the day I’d planned so I’m pre-empting it for Elaine.

And – she demonstrated that just because it might be dangerous to be a badass, like yesterdays’ A Woman A Day said, it sure makes for a rollicking life.

Having watched the documentary just a couple of weeks ago, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, you better believe this woman was never going to retire. The blood sugar reference is to her years-long battle with diabetes which provides some of the biggest moments of tension in the film, which is wonderful. We could try to crash Netflix tonight and all watch it in her honor.

Hers was a personality that you want to stay with you, even if you aren’t sure you want to be it, or deal with it, because it’s a full personality in every way: expectations for herself, for others, for life. Demanding. But in the performances she exacted from herself, you can see why Stritch put herself – and others, as the film examines – through the wringer.

RIP, Ms. Stritch.

More about Elaine – I’ll update as appropriate:

“The one thing being around Elaine provides, other than endless amounts of entertainment, is she instills courage. In other words: balls,” Karasawa says. “After speaking to many incredible actors and performers, the common denominator is she makes others rise to the occasion because of her incredible passion and dedication.” Vanity Fair

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