A Woman A Day: Running On, Not Running From A Troubled Past

I met the Democratic nominee for Nevada Lt. Governor, Assemblywoman, Lucy Flores, two years ago when she was a panelist on the BlogHer’12 session, Latinas in Election Office. At 32, with a life full of incredible experiences and obstacles behind her, it was easy to see how she also had so much ahead of her.

And now everyone is starting to notice too.

Yesterday, Salon.com published, “Lucy Flores doesn’t regret her abortion — and she doesn’t regret talking about it” and the day before that, HuffPost Live broadcast a nearly 20 minute interview.

But her biggest audience potentially will be drawn in by one or more of the four MSNBC pieces that came out earlier this month, the first being this pretty riveting Women in Politics profile (that was accompanied by this article):

After that came an interview on The Reid Report and a Q &A with Flores due to the overwhelming attention the prior coverage elicited.

Still want to know more about her? Check out her campaign website and follow her Twitter feed @LucyFlores.

If you want to support strong women candidates, and in particular, strong, progressive women candidates, please consider making a contribution to her campaign. I just did. And believe me, seeing even the smallest of contributions come in from a state as far away and sometimes as different as Ohio is from Nevada is all a candidate needs to get over the next hurdle.