A Woman A Day: “I go for a run in my neighborhood & I’m thinking about policy”

Because that’s just how Amy Hanauer’s brain works. And we are the better for it.

Amy is the founder and Executive Director of Policy Matters Ohio and she addressed the City Club of Cleveland’s Friday Forum audience today. If you care about education, the environment, wealth, poverty, social service, the economy, government, health care or pretty much anything, chances are that Policy Matters has a resource for you here. On just a $900,000 annual budget, and in operation since 2000, this organization has built a reputation for inscrutable data and passionate, evidence-based policy logic. Now if only we could get enough policy makers to champion logic…

I had the pleasure of sitting with Meryl Johnson and Stanley and Hope Adelstein in a packed-to-capacity crowd, and I tweeted the fingerprints off my digits. You can see a fairly tame Storify of the Friday Forum here and a full video of it here:

And my hope for the next time we hear from Amy in a group (though you can bet I’ll be asking her when I get her for coffee or lunch – or a neighborhood run) is to learn in detail how she started and how she maintains this critical think tank. Because that, no doubt, is a story our region really needs to hear and learn from.