A Woman A Day: “When you have been given a divine assignment, you will be given all of the tools you will need”

I ache to have not been there to hear that myself, or celebrate the birthday earlier this week of Marsha Mockabee, Urban League of Greater Cleveland‘s CEO, while she’s been part of the National Urban League’s annual conference in Cincinnati. But from the looks of it, she’s beyond being in her element and getting the recognition she so deserves:

Marc Morial is the President and CEO of the National Urban League. He posted that tweet and photo during today’s luncheon honoring six Women of Power, Marsha being one (and Ohio claiming a second one with State Senator and Democratic candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, Nina Turner.) While I give a personal perspective, this “Talk with the Boss” feature from the Plain Dealer illuminates why our region benefits from this woman of power:

In 2009, she took over as interim head of an organization saddled with debt and whose future was, at best, shaky. Before being permanently named to the position in 2011, Mockabee had been with the Urban League for two decades, serving as director of programs and director of education and youth development. She oversees a full-time staff of 12 and 15 part-timers, a significant reduction from before financial problems exploded.

Under Mockabee’s leadership, the Urban League has reinvigorated and expanded its programs aimed at creating and strengthening minority entrepreneurs. Next up: rebuilding the nonprofit group’s work force development programs and polishing and implementing a plan to pay down the debt.

Marsha is a force of nature, and divine assignment. My life has been blessed by her since 1990, when she was my field advisor. She was leading the Career Beginnings program for minority high school students and I was assigned to work on the corporate mentoring portion of the program. She has been an influence on me ever since and I’m working to return the gift she’s given me by serving on the ULGC’s board (in my second year now).

What is the ULGC up to here? Who is this woman that has received so many accolades but is a shining example of taking the actions she does, because they are the ones to take? Please take a look at her City Club presentation last year and you will get an idea:

You can also listen to her on Blog Talk Radio or watch any of the weekly Kaleidoscope programs to which she and the Urban League of Greater Cleveland contribute.

I am just one of thousands of people in, around and beyond Cleveland who will tell you that if Marsha asks you to do something, or tells you that something is going to get done, you say yes, and it will happen. For her tireless grin, positivity, creativity and deep sense of caring and belief, Marsha Mockabee is today’s A Woman A Day.