The Plain Dealer NEOMG, The Public and The Video or, Transparency, Engagement and 21st Century Media

Transparency and public engagement have taken a huge hit this election cycle in Ohio, not to belittle the other major topics that have also received far too little scrutiny when it comes to policy expectations of those seeking public office: natural resources (coal, renewables, Lake Erie), education (Common Core, early childhood education) or making Medicaid expansion permanent.

But in a month that has seen the death of Ben Bradlee and Connie Harper, how can we also have our news outlet of record in Cleveland pull what was virtually the only celluloid evidence that multiple candidates for the Ohio governorship competed in the 2014 election cycle?

Highlighting just how mediated our news outlets of record are is as simple as a tweet by another outlet’s reporter or a blog by a citizen journalist, acting like flares in the digital space that illuminate when that mediation is happening.

For years, blogs were maligned as untrustworthy because, allegedly, you couldn’t know who was behind them and you couldn’t trust that there were professional editors sorting out…whatever it was that was supposed to be sorted out to make the news the news. Has the needle finally and obviously landed on the legacy news business pointing to the truly mediated way in which that news is published – and then pulled, without public explanation for days, in a news consumer world measured by how long it takes to type 140 characters?

In 2007, Scott Gant’s book, We Are All Journalists Now, was published. In 2010, we are all bloggers now.

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