Letter to Chris Quinn, NEOMG Vice President of Content, Three Days Ago

I emailed this letter to Mr. Quinn on the morning of Tuesday, 10/28/14. I have not received a reply yet.

Dear Mr. Quinn:

Thank you for NEOMG’s efforts at expanding the tools available for the public to learn about this year’s candidates for public office.

Unfortunately, it appears that the video from your gubernatorial endorsement interview, which Henry Gomez tweeted last week (see here: https://twitter.com/HenryJGomez/status/525391103806406657), is no longer at that URL location. Could you please advise as to where it can now be found, and if it can’t be found, why not? If it was removed, what prompted consideration of its removal and how was the decision made? And is the removal permanent?

The editorial board has very publicly pointed to how it seeks to help the public view, hear from and read about the candidates. Some of the headlines have made me giggle, to be honest, in their come-ons to readers to get involved – but I’m sure that’s a good thing overall. In line with such objectives, this particular video provides an extremely though unfortunately rare occasion for voters to see the gubernatorial candidates side by side, interacting (or not!) with one another.

Given the context of NEOMG’s explicit efforts to engage the public and provide primary source material unavailable elsewhere (i.e., a view of the statewide candidates together), an online editorial regarding the decision to remove the video, and do so permanently if that is the case, is a reasonable expectation.

Like many readers, I appreciate and utilize the collection of public engagement processes you’ve put in place. This video absolutely provides something of value which the voters otherwise would be denied. Please consider the singularly unique role your outlet and the media plays in situations like this one.

I hope the editorial board members will be forthcoming about its decision to remove this video, if in fact that is the case, and re-post it if it is not currently somewhere else publicly available on cleveland.com.

Thank you as always for your thought and consideration and I hope to hear from you or see a response to these questions for the general readership soon.

Very truly yours,


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