11/3: President of NEOMG “Joint Project” Partner, League of Women Voters, on WCPN Re: Voter Access

Our region’s largest online voter guide “is a joint project of the Northeast Ohio Media Group and the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland.” The President and Chair of the national League of Women Voters, Elisabeth MacNamara, is in town today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday) on behalf of promoting voter access. In fact, she is going to be on the Sound of Ideas tomorrow:

The League of Women voters is a nonpartisan organization, but on one topic, it takes a strong stance: Voter access. On the eve of election day, the league’s national president, Elisabeth MacNamara, joins us in studio to talk about the voting process — and the state of access to the polls — in Ohio and beyond. We’ll also gauge the national political picture and how election day might shape it.

From SOI’s webpage, you can access tools to let you listen live during the show (at the top), watch it live (click on the sidebar tool), listen later by podcast (click on the show’s blurb entry), and you can watch the video later. They won’t take it down.

Please call in to the Sound of Ideas tomorrow, Monday. Specifically, in case you don’t have any question in mind, please ask the panelists how they feel the League’s brand is affected by their joint project when

  1. the Ohio governor doesn’t provide responses for the joint project Voter Guide;
  2. their partner for the guide, the Northeast Ohio Media Group, removes its video of the gubernatorial endorsement interview with NEOMG editorial board staff from its website, and
  3. the gubernatorial candidates never had a public forum in which all three candidates could be asked and made to answer questions.

The League has a strong and active role in policing government transparency. Clearly the NEOMG is banking on that brand reputation. However, if NEOMG’s actions undermine such a role, it would be wonderful to see the League either find a different partner, or produce its own Voter Guide. The ethepeople.org website indicates that numerous news outlets, and not just one Advance Publications property, use ethepeople.org. How about ideastream for starters?

Postscript: True to the no-boundaries approach the League of Women Voters takes to pursue its mission, this voting information just landed in my inbox.

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