The Plain Dealer Readers Rep Prevented From Repping Readers?

I have known Ted Diadiun for nearly ten years now. We met when I first started blogging, and it was an act related to transparency that brought us together. I don’t always agree with Ted, and I know many people have many stories about Ted, but having been an ombuds myself at a mental health agency for a few years, I know a bit about the job category and at least the PD has someone in it.

Sadly, right now, they might as well not have one. In this blog post by NYU journalism professor, Jay Rosen, Ted apologizes for not being able to respond to two of three questions from Jay regarding the Northeast Ohio Media Group’s (NEOMG) removal of its editorial endorsement interview video in the Ohio gubernatorial race. Ted then refers Jay to Chris Quinn, the NEOMG VP of Content, a person everyone, including the readers rep I have to assume at this stage, knows is unlikely to respond, given that he hasn’t responded to anyone yet that has been tracked down or come forward.

In addition, neither today’s print edition of The Plain Dealer nor the website include Ted’s weekly readers rep column. In a week when we know he and/or the news outlet have received numerous requests for an explanation as to why the video has been removed from this post, this is a red flag, to say the least.

If you or anyone you know or can reach out to has requested an explanation from the NEOMG editorial people, or Ted, please let Jay Rosen know. He has been updating his post regularly and there’s a good comment thread going on there. You’re welcome to leave thoughts here as well.

Postscript: In a great stroke of genius, Melissa Harris Perry this morning used NEOMG audio (or is it technically PD audio? Part of what we don’t know) from the editorial board interview. Video of her doing that will be up later at MSNBC. Wonder if anyone there will get a take down demand like Plunderbund did for the video.

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