Scrutiny of NEOMG Video Removal Continues to Broaden in Ohio and Nationally

Great articles continue to cover the Northeast Ohio Media Group’s (NEOMG) decision to 1) take down a video they created and published of Ohio Governor John Kasich and his two gubernatorial challengers and 2) not tell anyone why they’ve taken it down.

The most recent and thorough pieces include:

The main thing upon which everyone agrees is this: no matter what the reason was for taking down newsworthy online content that had been online for at least a few days already, NEOMG – and specifically VP of Content, Chris Quinn, need to provide a response to the insiders, the outsiders and everyone in between.

What’s the damage look like? It looks like this:

No credibility is deserved by an NEOMG editorial that might lambaste a public servant, governmental entity or any entity for that matter for a failure to be transparent if NEOMG’s editorial board doesn’t hold itself to its professional standards that are identified as being at the core of journalism.

Now, if journalism isn’t at the core of NEOMG anymore and content-marketing and profit-making are, then they should proclaim that and stop undermining the journalism that is being produced by the Plain Dealer side of the operation, and likely by at least some folks at the side. This expectation isn’t fairytale stuff, as David Carr, just today, writes when he describes how the Texas Tribune is doing, five years out.

Do we have a Texas Tribune in us? Goodness knows we need one.

4 thoughts on “Scrutiny of NEOMG Video Removal Continues to Broaden in Ohio and Nationally

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  2. There is always the issue of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. This seems to be the strategy of those who removed the video. As the saying goes, ” A little information is a dangerous thing.”

    It is certainly apparent that this Kasich administration in Ohio has a lot to ‘close the barn door’ on. They have been opaque in making public what they have done for this state in the past four years, akin to shooting themselves in the foot, if not in the temple. So by default, we should see today a decided victory for the Dems in this neck and neck gubernatorial race, and the clout of Cuyahoga and Franklin counties should swing the election into the wild blue yonder.

    • Martin, Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree re: the barn door. I guess it’s just really disheartening to think that what appear to be very common and shared expectations of journalism – as expressed by readers, reporters, other folks in journalism and media critics – can be so easily dismissed by the VP of content who I understand previously was quite the aggressive (in a good way) reporter.

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