Exhibit #1: Is An NEOMG Editorial Credible When It Asks Us to Feel That Our Vote Counts?

So, see, these are the kinds of issues that will continue to come up so long as the Northeast Ohio Media Group (NEOMG) refuses to explain to anyone, at least in public, why it removed a video that was posted online at cleveland.com. The video provided rare footage of the three Ohio gubernatorial candidates, including Ohio Governor and supposed 2016 presidential or vice presidential figure, John Kasich, together for their endorsement interview with the NEOMG editorial board.

At 4:00am this morning, according to what we can see, “Don’t believe your vote doesn’t count: editorial” was posted online at cleveland.com. It says things like:

  • Voting is our civic duty.
  • Not voting is a worse violation than getting ticketed for running a red light.
  • They even write that due to the “…overall mistrust of government, many of you will wonder whether your vote matters or not.”

Wow. Hmm. Well, what about the overall distrust of an editorial because its board refuses to explain why it took down the only video of the state’s three candidates for governor?

See what I mean? How can a reader – who is a voter – read this editorial and take its advice seriously? No one wants to take the advice more seriously than I do. I give this advice all the time. I just did this morning. And have countless times during the last few weeks, taking every angle necessary to convince people to vote even in races that they’re deeply unhappy about.

And I can, and people ask me, and you know why? Because at least I’ve run for office, I put myself out there, I lose, I listen to the critiques and I seek to change and do better.

The editorial board that inexplicably pulled video of Ohio Governor John Kasich and his two challengers, trying to convince the online readers to get offline and go vote today? Well, here’s their closing attempt:

Our voting habits must change. We cannot allow propaganda emanating from political campaigns or their associated negative political ads or even discouraging stories in the media to jade us into not expressing our preferences, or thinking that they don’t matter.

Where’s Seth Myers and Amy Poehler when you need them, really?

I’ll let you answer that for yourself while we think about just how many more editorials are going to be published that will fall into this category of inefficacy due to hypocritical behavior.

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