NEOMG Finally Publishes Its Explanation, Apology For Chris Quinn’s Video Removal Decision

Cleveland Magazine’s Erick Trickey tweeted this morning:

Read it for yourself, then check out these commentaries.

Of the social network variety:

Of the media and media critic variety:

And an article about news outlet ombuds in 2014, “‘She’s not ducking a fight’: How Margaret Sullivan transformed the role of the NYT public editor

I’ve left comments in a couple of threads on Facebook but this comment from Jay Rosen, posted this afternoon, definitely captures – as does a lot of what Jay writes – how I feel about the situation:

Having read through all these comments and thought about it for 7 hours or so, I think the problem with the explanation is this: Neither Chris Quinn nor Ted Diadiun is saying: “As a news organization serving the public, our fundamental compact is with the readers, not the candidates, even though we strive always to be fair to candidates and others who figure in the news.”

NEOMG lost sight of that. And this is what Chris Quinn should have said.

“We made a mistake, we lost sight of that fundamental compact, and then we compounded the error by refusing to explain ourselves. Today I am ordering that the video be re-posted and I apologize to our readers for taking it down in the first place. It was an error in judgment because it gambled with something fundamental — your trust. The good terms we hope to maintain with candidates and governors are not fundamental to what we’re about. Your confidence in us is. I hope the NEOMG can learn from this because I certainly have.”

And this is because, from the very beginning, I’ve pointed to how devastating to journalism – and to many of us personally – is the reality that the NEOMG, Chris Quinn, Advance Publications and whomever else is involved in this episode don’t care that we care.

Instead, as Jay’s comments illuminate, and others have elsewhere, NEOMG et al care that Governor Kasich and his handlers care. And Chris Quinn’s choices, as described by a third party, not even himself, reflect that he cares more for what the political candidate, now re-elected governor cares about, over and above what his journalism ethics and profession should have told him to care about, first.

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