2015 Political Wish List

Just a start, directed at the state level government:

  1. Increase diversity in our state government. Place more women and minorities in more and higher cabinet posts.
  2. Keep religion out of our public schools.
  3. Open data. Pass open data policies, fund the work that needs to be done to reach the level of open we should have.
  4. Prioritize transparency. Eliminate default of “private business needs to do things this way.”
  5. Create a cabinet level Office of Civic Engagement.
  6. Pilot collaborative government projects like participatory budgeting.
  7. Make Medicaid expansion permanent.
  8. Pass more bills, work more days in our statehouse.
  9. Show all Ohioans more humility. Cut the swagger. You won. Now work.
  10. Stay in your job for the length of time you were elected.

What’s on your wish list? Keep it positive.

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