NEOMG’s Chris Quinn On Friday’s Sound of Ideas Weekly Regional Roundup

You can read the blurb and leave comments here. To reach the show during its broadcast, here’s the info:

During the show: 216-578-0903 or 866-578-0903
Last Word line: 216-916-6397 or email
Show ideas & comments? Contact Executive Editor, David Molpus.

For a post by post review of what’s been going on, see here.

To recap, it’s been two full weeks since the Northeast Ohio Media Group held its endorsement interview with Governor John Kasich and his two challengers and posted video of that interview. Within a few days, the video disappeared and Chris Quinn demanded that Plunderbund remove the video. I first learned of its removal from this tweet by Tony Ganzer, of I emailed Mr. Quinn, as did many others, and like them, received no reply. I also contacted leading journalism figures, blogged and tweeted and eventually they wrote great descriptions and analyses of a VP of Content removing a rare, newsworthy video of a sitting governor, seeking re-election, endorsed by the media outlet and likely to be a presidential or vice-presidential candidate – and refusing to explain it to readers, to reporters, to the readers rep and even to them.

The question now: Will Mr. Quinn speak of it on air on Friday? Will he be asked about it? To be fair, Nick Castele has two pieces about it at ideastream. (Other local outlets that have given this story coverage include among others, Crain’s Cleveland Business and Cleveland Scene.) However, as is obvious from the NEOMG’s Readers Rep column published online-only yesterday, Mr. Quinn has yet to speak for himself.

The remaining questions: Does Mr. Quinn know that The Ohio Channel posts video of Sound of Ideas shows? Will they be sure to tell him? And will he want it taken down?


One thought on “NEOMG’s Chris Quinn On Friday’s Sound of Ideas Weekly Regional Roundup

  1. Good morning Jill,

    Has anyone asked the other two participants in the interview if they were aware that the process was being recorded and, if they were (I imagine that they must have been), did any of the three object to the recording?

    I’m not buying Quinn’s explanation and I fully expect that he will pull a Kasich this morning and ignore any direct questions and stay on script because he likes, and wants to keep, his job. The interesting aspect of the show will be to what degree will the host ensure that Quinn enjoys a friendly, or at worst faux-journalistic interrogation à la Face The Nation?

    Do all you can to make today a more informed day,

    Jeff Hess
    Have Coffee Will Write

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