If I Were Governor

Erick Trickey joked with me last week that Governor Kasich’s “no mercy” approach to winning his race for re-election couldn’t quite be compared to my approach of not pouring water on a drowning person because the presidency isn’t exactly something I’m going for. We had a friendly back and forth in which I asserted that it shouldn’t matter how high or low you’re looking to go when it comes to the level of office. The principles that guide you in competition should be the same, regardless.

I understand and appreciate Erick’s distinction, and yet, we really should think about it. Does going for a higher elected office allow for us to ease up on our expectations for how humane and human a candidate’s approach is to winning? I’d actually argue that the higher up you go, the more important it is to not pour water on drowning people. But this post isn’t really about that.

Not quite a month ago, I attended the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation’s conference. On the final day, they had us do a visioning exercise. Mine says it all about what I want for the future. What would your book for the future look like?


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