Press Club of Cleveland Table Talk at Tonight’s Journalism Hall of Fame Awards Event

In less than two hours, the Press Club of Cleveland will host its Journalism Hall of Fame Awards. I hope that there are many cocktail hour and dinner table conversations about the state of journalism in Northeast Ohio, in no small thanks – either way a person wants to paint it – because of how the Northeast Ohio Media Group (NEOMG) and its Vice President of Content, Chris Quinn, have chosen to interpret journalism.

Is it fair to put that on their shoulders? That is a great topic of conversation too.

NB1: To date, the NEOMG and the Plain Dealer have not written a single word about the takedown of the gubernatorial endorsement interview video except for this column by Ted Diadiun. There is no reporting on the incident, as news, despite the fact that Crain’s, ideastream, WCPN, Cleveland Scene and many other outlets, outside of Ohio, have reported on it. As someone wrote in a comment on the Sound of Ideas thread today in response to Chris Quinn implying that the only people making noise about the video takedown are bloggers:

It’s not just bloggers who think pulling those videos was ridiculous. I mean… wow. You’re hearing about it from bloggers because you guys control the Cleveland media. How else are you going to hear about it?

NB2: I am in fact a member of the Press Club of Cleveland but didn’t have plans to attend this event (and I won’t be there). However, I’ve given at least one workshop to the Press Club on engagement and social media, I have attended multiple events of theirs over the last 12 years, and I consider many other Press Club members, including its president, Michael Bennett, to be friends, personal and professional. We have great talent and passion here, of that I’m sure, but critique is critical to accountability. No one should appreciate that more than those whose vocation charges them with shedding sunshine, through investigation and reporting, in places we otherwise wouldn’t see.

NB3: You can hear this morning’s Sound of Ideas show here. I’m told (I haven’t listened to it all yet) approximately 15-20 minutes of discussion on the takedown, and it starts around the 12 minute mark. I’ll have more to write after listening to it all in context.

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