Current and Former Northeast Ohio Journalists on Northeast Ohio Media Group Journalism

In the last two days, two long time journalists, both well-known to others in the Northeast Ohio journalism ecosystem, continued to examine and lament the Northeast Ohio Media Group’s (NEOMG) actions related to Chris Quinn’s decision to remove a video of Governor John Kasich and his two gubernatorial challengers. You can read one thread by Stuart Warner here, and one by Ed Esposito here.

In Mr. Warner’s thread, he describes multiple examples of how the ecosystem could be, versus how it is, when it comes to managing multiple platforms under one banner. And indeed, it’s hard to understand why the model he describes isn’t in use here. Obviously it’s in part because it’s not the business model Advance Publications, the parent of NEOMG and the Plain Dealer, wants to use.

What will it take for news consumers to get something closer to such a model? Many of us are working to figure that out.

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