Lobbyists Invited To Comment on Ohio Lame Duck Wish List; Now You Are Too

Last week at the Impact Ohio event in Columbus, Ohio State Senate President, Keith Faber, R-Celina, invited a “room full of lobbyists and association representatives” to let him know if they’ve got an interest in any of the bills sitting on the Chamber’s reportedly ten-page list of pending legislation.

“If it’s on one of these sheets and you have interest in it, let us know,” he told a room full of lobbyists and association representatives at the Impact Ohio conference last week. “There’s a good chance some of these will find their way onto the Senate floor.”

No one specifically invited the public to do the same thing, so I thought I would.

First, if you would like to hear the remarks that the audience heard at the event, you can view video of it here at The Ohio Channel. It won’t be taken down.

Next, the Columbus Dispatch published a detailed article from which I’m pulling just the topic areas. I’d urge people to read the full article to get the leanings related to each.

  1. Municipal tax uniformity (HB 5; passed the House last year)
  2. Red-light cameras (the House passed a bill to eliminate them)
  3. Towing (the House passed a bill aimed at “cracking down on predatory towing practices”)
  4. Guns (Senate Bill 338; the House passed a stand-your-ground provision)
  5. Redistricting/term limits: Interesting note in the news article, “The issues would need supermajority votes in each chamber to be placed on the statewide ballot in 2015.”
  6. Local-government funding
  7. Pay raises for Ohio judges, state lawmakers, county elected officials and township trustees
  8. Death penalty (“to shield shield the identities of drug suppliers and physicians involved in Ohio’s execution process”)
  9. Election-law changes
  10. Right to work
  11. Abortion

And for next year? Education, and specifically, reducing costs by 5 percent in the next budget and something Sen. Faber calls, “education deregulation.” I’m working on getting more details about what exactly Sen. Faber means by that.

Also mentioned in the article, Governor John Kasich’s primary goals, which those of us who follow Ohio politics this closely already know:

  1. Eliminating the state income tax
  2. Higher severance taxes on the gas-and-oil fracking industry
  3. Reauthorizing Medicaid expansion

Last step: Find your state senator here and let him or her know exactly how you feel on each of these topics covered in those ten pages of bills. Email, call, write a postcard or snail mail, or tweet at them. For tweeting to and with them, this list is the most complete one I’ve found, and current through at least July 2014.

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