Ohio Board of Education Has a Lot of Power We Need to be Checking

The Ohio State Board of Education is one of the most opaque yet powerful governmental units in our state, and certainly in the scheme of public education. Between now and early December, we need to be educating ourselves and others about one set of changes they’re seeking to adopt and enact, and also understand if it reflects what State Senator and Senate President, Keith Faber (R-Celina) means by “education deregulation.”

To understand the current issue, I suggest reading, “Is Ohio School Board Cutting The Arts & Physical Education?” and “Four state school board members walk out of meeting over delay in public comments on “5 of 8″ rule change.”

Here’s the official state website for the Board. I’ve emailed the Board contact listed there and asked for a detailed breakdown of the communities in each of the 11 districts to which members are elected. Another eight board members are appointed by the governor. All currently in appointed seats are Governor Kasich appointees. Three of the seven seats that were up for election flipped from Republican to Democrat.

For more on what “education deregulation” might mean, I noticed this post today, but I’ve also been asking around (including the Plain Dealer’s Patrick O’Donnell and Plunderbund’s Greg Mild). My guess is, it’s not a good thing if you want strong, statewide standards below which no child should be educated.


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