Remains of the Day, November 15, 2014

Lots of devices, physical and virtual, help us collect disparate items into one place so that we don’t lose track of them and we can pass them on in case someone else might have an interest. In the online political news world, Political Wire’s original news module is one of the longest-standing daily aggregations of political goings-on. Newer to the scene is NBC News’ First Read’s Morning Clips, and locally, we have Henry Gomez of the Northeast Ohio Media Group doing an Ohio Politics Roundup almost daily.

At WLST, Remains of the Day provides a quick hit-list of news that deserves attention but isn’t yet getting a full post here. When you subscribe to WLST, you will get it when it’s posted. You can subscribe to WLST in the right-hand sidebar with just your email.

Today, it’s more a remains of the week. My open tab addiction isn’t as bad as it used to be, but I consume a lot of news. Here goes:

From Doug Livingston at the Akron Beacon Journal last Sunday, “Ohio’s for-profit charter schools drag state into group of nation’s worst performers.” Charter supporters like the Fordham Institute continue to say, “If they don’t deliver, kick them out.” Legislators that benefit from for-profit charter campaign contributions need to be held accountable for their acts and omissions to act in safeguarding our education dollars.

If you’ve never heard of the “five of eight” rule, consider yourself educated about this education policy now. And, if you believe – as I do – that there is a place for statewide minimums in education, please take action today.

Last items related to education, public dollars and how we value our public servants: Ohio Representative, Gerald Stebelton, who happens to be the chair of the House Education Committee, wants to raise salaries for judges, lawmakers and other officials, but eliminate minimum salaries for educators. He’s termed-out in December, fyi.

For even more perspective on why following education closely matters, the Annie E. Casey Foundation came out this week with, “Creating Opportunities for Families.” It emphasizes the need to attend to both parents and kids simultaneously – including education – in our battle against poverty.

Here’s the schedule for hearings on municipal tax reform via House Bill 5. And this link is providing very current information on which leaders around the state are holding public forums to discuss the concerns that HB 5 will be another take-away of local revenue. If you care about the needs of your community, please read up on it, find out how your mayor and council believe it will affect their ability to give you what you need and want, and please, make your voice heard on this. Remember: You can read bill analysis and fiscal analysis of the potential impact of the legislation at the bill’s link.

For a data-based item on gerrymandering, read about how lopsided Ohio’s congressional district results remain. Sadly, this Ohio House proposal for redistricting reform won’t help.

Want a news roundup for action in the Statehouse, the Governor’s office and the Ohio Supreme Court? Listen to The State of Ohio, hosted by Karen Kasler of the Statehouse News Bureau.

For a study in open data, transparency, ethics and accountability, check out WikiWash (still in beta but now open source). It lets you see behind any Wikipedia entry. Poynter Institute highlighted it as a collaboration between journalists and developers.

And for a news story that needs further digging to know its impact in Ohio, no pun intended, check out the NPR series, Delinquint Mines and “Coal Mines Keep Operating Despite Injuries, Violations And Millions In Fines.”

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