Bitch in Business: Greatest Feminism Anthem, or Crass Turn of the Tables? Maybe Both

Yup. They said it. Columbia Business School students have one-upped whichever your favorite “All About That Bass” takeoffs was. The CBS Follies’ version is 100% NSFW (not safe for work). It’s also dead-on, vulgar and gender-bending in the most “this is how you send a message” way you have possibly only imagined but never pursued yourself. But is it, “…the greatest feminist anthem of our time”? [Watch and judge for yourself at the bottom of the post.]

There’s a thoughtful Facebook thread about it here and you can see how many shares it’s gotten in just two days. ‘Round the web, here’s what they’re saying:

Inc. Magazine interviewed the makers:


Yudovich, inspiration for the project came more directly from her years working in finance prior to entering business school. In fact, the voiceover in the video’s first scene reflects feedback she received in the business world, like “People find your tone a little off-putting,” and “Man, the way she wouldn’t budge on that part of the contract….”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek didn’t have a clue about how to review it and thought it only “minimally” NSFW while Cosmopolitan call the lyrics, “brilliant.” MTV says it “…should be required viewing for every human being on the planet.” Go MTV. (The video has nearly 1.5 million views as of 12/14/14.)

Luckily, Bustle – and a few of my Facebook friends who comments in the aforementioned thread, put this parody in its proper place in getting across a sadly evergreen reality for women:

It’s well established that women in business face all kinds of obstacles, from a wage gap that exists all the way up the corporate ladder all the way down to gender double-standards. This despite the fact that study after study after study has shown that companies with women in positions of power actually have an advantage over companies dominated by dudes.

So in light of all that, it’s great to see a group of business school ladies declaring themselves to be over the sexist crap — and to see them lighting a stack of paper literally titled “Bullshit Contract for Women” on fire. The video is full of lots of little touches that are brilliant, and it’s as sure to get stuck in your head as the original. (Though it should be noted in light of a few references to genitalia that all women — regardless of biological sex — deserve to succeed in business if they so wish).

Judge for yourself.

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