Losing Sucks

So in my next act of honest blogging, let me say in writing how much it sucks to lose an election. I can only speak for myself of course but I ran in a primary against an incumbent for the Ohio House of Representatives because I believed that a change was needed. That need hasn’t gone away and neither has my strategizing about how to fulfill that need. But knowing intellectually that elections end in binary results, are zero-sum pursuits and only provide for one person to win has nothing to do with what it feels like to have that one person not be you.

I’ve heard Joe Scarborough’s innumerable references about his races and stint in public service that started over 20 years ago and ended more than 10 years ago enough times to know that I don’t ever want to sound like that, if only because my wins and losses are on so much smaller of a scale. So if I’m picking on him, well, that’s just silly. However, the deconstructing of what happened and why is an ongoing process. And I’m done avoiding the usefulness of writing about it because, as a wise Facebook friend commented:

…you can write openly and honestly, or you can run for political office. If you tell the unvarnished truth as you see it, your “truth” may come back to haunt you. If you go for safety, you bore the heck out of your readers and come across as an apologist for the status quo. With that in mind, what’s on your mind, Jill? Lol!

I feel like typing, “Get ready!” but really, it’s about me being ready.

One thought on “Losing Sucks

  1. Yes, it surely does suck. If it’s any help, every time my writing gets rejected I remind myself of all the amazing people I know who have been ignored or overlooked at some point when they were trying so hard, too. It’s not so much thst misery loves company, more that respect fills my sails back up, to mix some metaphors.

    Every single person I respect has been overlooked at some point. It sucks. And it’s part of it. Good job. Keep going. You’re not done.

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