Stats on Women in 2015 Ohio Legislature, U.S. Congress (Preview: LOW)

This is the one I cannot get over: Just 22 out of 246. Less than one in ten – less than one in ten. That’s what the U.S. House majority party has for women in its delegation. This is how you end up with an all-male set of U.S. House committee chairs getting recommended. (On the U.S. Senate side, there are six women in the Republican majority of 54 – so just over one in ten, woohoo.) As the Center for American Women in Politics (CAWP) says, this past election was not a landmark, even with some notable firsts.

Of course, this does plump up the proportion of women in the Democratic delegation – 62 women in the 188-member House delegation (about 33%), and 14 out of 44 in the U.S. Senate team (32%). But it’s hardly a cause for celebration as the overall proportion (104 out of 535) hovers at 19% – less than two of every ten members of the U.S. Congress are women. In 2015.

Think on that for a while.

As for the whole bench-building thing when it comes to gender, I don’t know what pipeline they think they’re building to the bench, but I don’t see it – and it’s not in much evidence in the state mansions or statehouses either.

Governors? Five out of 50. State legislatures? No change from 2014, standing at 24.2% (1784 seats out of 7383 seats). Also abysmal. In Ohio, 26 (13R, 13D) of 99 House seats and just 7 (3R, 4D) out of 33 in the Senate for a whopping 25% (33 out of 132).

What can be done about this? For one thing, find, support or run as a candidate for local office in 2015 and for the statehouse in 2016. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections has the 2015 list of candidates and election calendars up already.

March 8, 2016? An eye blink away.

2 thoughts on “Stats on Women in 2015 Ohio Legislature, U.S. Congress (Preview: LOW)

  1. Interesting, though, that the Ohio Republicans and Democrats are about equally good (or bad) on this issue in terms of numbers you cite above. Thanks for breaking it all down.

    • I hear you. The best thing I can say as a Democrat is that our proportion is higher, given the size of the delegation. So in the House, out of 34, we have 13 (so 38%), and in the Senate, out of 10, we have 4 for 40%. That’s actually quite good – nearly 40% of the Democratic caucus in the Ohio legislature is female, whereas only 20% of the Republican’s huge 65 member House caucus is female, and just 13% (3 out of 23!) of its veto-proof majority in the Senate is female. Ouch.

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