Why Marco Rubio Will Never Be President – In His Own Words

If you’re a political junkie like I am, you’ve probably read the New York Times Magazine’s Q&A with the junior U.S. Senator from Florida, Republican Marco Rubio. Here’s the link either way.

One of the early exchanges made me laugh out loud:

What’s your standard line on speculation that you will run in 2016?

We’re definitely going to consider it. The decision I have to make is: Where is the best place for me to further my agenda? Is it as a presidential candidate or is it as a U.S. senator? And that’s what I’m in the process of weighing.

This in particular: “The decision I have to make is: Where is the best place for me to further my agenda?”

Really? Really Senator? You are, how old? 43. And in two years you will be 45. And if you were to become president and take office in 2017, you’d be verging on 46. And you’ve served less than a full-term as a U.S. Senator, plus service in the Florida Statehouse.

But the decision about whether to run for president of the United States hinges on where you decide the best position is for furthering your agenda?

Compare Rubio’s response to the Facebook post announcement from Jeb Bush, whom Rubio says is a mentor, when Bush signaled his interest in the president’s job. In pertinent part:

As a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership I think America needs, I have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for President of the United States.

In January, I also plan to establish a Leadership PAC that will help me facilitate conversations with citizens across America to discuss the most critical challenges facing our exceptional nation. The PAC’s purpose will be to support leaders, ideas and policies that will expand opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

In the coming months, I hope to visit with many of you and have a conversation about restoring the promise of America.

The contrast between these two declarations speaks volumes and amplifies why Rubio will never be president so long as his decision hinges on where he can put his agenda into action.

Talk about taking the public out of public service.


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