Exhaust yourselves, Hillary haters

My quick assessment on today’s announcement from Hillary Clinton that she is indeed running to be elected president in 2016, is that she’s taking pages from Obama and that’s a good thing. She’s focusing on making sure she meets and connects with as many individual voters as possible and outwardly indicating a priority for doing so. From the Washington Post:

The absence of Clinton in Sunday’s announcement video is designed to send a message — not just to people tuning in now but to people who have been watching her (and her presidential aspirations) for the better part of the last decade.

That message? This time it’s not about me. It’s about you.

A video is just that: A single, pre-produced element of a campaign. But the message Clinton is trying to send is crystal clear: This isn’t 2008. And I am ready to run the people-first sort of campaign I should have run last time around.

Ultimately, the candidate wins with 50% plus 1. Clinton and her team know that’s all she needs. Let those who want to exhaust themselves with all the Beltway inside stuff go ahead and do that; there’s still 15-16 months before the DNC convention, then another four months before November 2016.

Meanwhile, the Republican field will remain in disarray and incapable of being able to pull together enough voters who will 1) come out and vote and 2) come out and vote for the GOP nominee so that he or she wins. The McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan campaigns described a too-narrow America and so far, no GOP candidate has emerged who could do better.  If Clinton isn’t damaged now, to the point of not being the contender she is, it’s extremely difficult to imagine that there are more things to learn that would disqualify her over the next 20 months.

In sum, Hillary Clinton’s momentum will only increase, her accumulated familiarity will serve her and the electorate, and this re-introduction today, after all else that’s transpired since she was First Lady, will only help not hurt her.

5 thoughts on “Exhaust yourselves, Hillary haters

  1. Well Jill,getting the flavor of the base?We are populist and angry.If Clinton is going to use Obama’s play book..better think again.Obama broke campaign promises and acted like an extension of the Bush administration.We won’t be fooled like that again.Guantanamo..still not closed.Troops not out of Afghanistan.Troops not out of Iraq.Another bad trade deal shoved down our throats,TPP.Obama has allowed the war on drugs to continue.I could go on and on with my buyers remorse for voting for Obama twice…but…I’m smarter now and will not be fooled by the likes of a Clinton Dynasty. No thanks.

  2. She is very powerful..so be nice to her?You mean or end up like Vince Foster or the 2 dead little boys on the train tracks in Arkansas?Google Arkancide.I’m voting Green Party.Not for this [candidate] who has been in Washington for 20 years and accomplished..NOTHING.

    Edit from Jill: I’ve removed a word I consider name-calling. It’s not allowed on this blog. Thanks.

  3. Well said, Jill. What I want to hear from Hillary Clinton is not only the kind of vision that President Obama brought to the political debate, but a commitment to carry out a plan that deals with issues like infrastructure, uniform voter rights and legislation that will erase Citizen’s United off the political map. A tall order, to be sure.

  4. I appreciate that, esp. since I didn’t support her until after Biden dropped out but even then it was with not a ton of conviction. However, I don’t not vote and I don’t consider her to be the same candidate option she was in 2008. I’ll continue to wait and see but I think using this time to make known what she’s got to prioritize if she doesn’t want to fall below 50 plus 1 would be a wise way to express ourselves.

  5. Jill,

    I’ve voted for every Democratic party candidate for president since Jimmy Carter at least once (I voted third party in 1996 and 2012), but I will not be voting for the party’s candidate in 2016, regardless of who that candidate is, because, to steal a line from President Reagan, the party left me.

    The best third party candidate gets my vote in 2016

    In the very unlikely case that Clinton’s election does fall to that 50 percent plus one, I will not be that one.

    Jeff Hess
    Have Coffee Will Write

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