Kasich appointees’ decision will scare people away from Ohio

Seriously. This is what the people appointed by Ohio Governor John Kasich have decided to do:

The state school board voted Monday night to eliminate the so-called “5 of 8” rule that sets the minimum number of school nurses, librarians, counselors and arts teachers that school districts must have.

It will now be up to each local school board how many of those positions they want to have at their schools – a change that supporters say will give districts the local control they need, and which critics say all but dooms these positions to be axed when budgets are tight.

Do any of them actually believe that when people are checking out a place to move to they think, “Wow, I’m so glad that a state board of education thought to make it easier for schools to eliminate art, libraries, nurses, counselors and phys ed so that they could…what exactly?”

No. People checking out a place to move to think about how enriched and enriching the environment they’re examining will be for them and their family or future family.

They look at health care, they look at education, they look at how much a place invests in and cares about the environment. They look at housing and infrastructure and potential. Showing a willingness to lower expectations is the opposite of what attracts people to a place. Not to mention how poorly it ends up serving those of us who are already here.

Perhaps in anticipation of this becoming the standard by which districts will be expected to fall in line, Ohio auditor, Dave Yost, just last week, issued a performance audit report to a school district specifically saying that the district should eliminate these positions in order to save money:

Cut 11 full-time education service personnel positions, such as k-8 art, music and physical education teachers, counselors and librarians. That would save $750,674 a year.

The argument being made, according to the article, is that the district is above its peer institutions and it could save money by going down to the lowest common denominator.

Isn’t that special? And not attractive.

One thought on “Kasich appointees’ decision will scare people away from Ohio

  1. Jill,

    I heard the news report this morning as well and was struck by the clarity of one board member when he asked: “If this is all about local control, what is the function of the State Board of Education?” I hope he quickly answered his own question when he realized that, in the world of Gov. Kasich, the function of the State Board of Education is to not exist.


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