Gender lens used in impact investing

A quick search on “gender impact investing Cleveland” and “gender impact investing Cuyahoga” didn’t bring up any results in the first couple of pages that had to do with this movement being present in our region, but I’m hoping that after posting this, some suggestions might be provided.

The New York Times published this article, “With an Eye to Impact, Investing Through a ‘Gender Lens’”,  about the growth of such investing. It’s something I’ve thought about, if I had the resources.

Patricia Farrar-Rivas, a partner at Veris Wealth Partners, a wealth management firm that invests $800 million on an impact basis, said gender lens investing is now the most popular of its five impact strategies. (The others are aimed at environment and climate change, community and economic development, sustainable food systems and agriculture, and “sustainable mind-set and mindfulness” — or companies that take their time making investments.)

The main ways to invest, according to the article, are to, “…make money available to enterprises owned by women, focus on employment for women or invest in companies that provide products and services that help women.” Those interviewed for the article indicate that analyzing the investment and the returns on the investment can be tricky but rewarding, depending on the investor.

On an individual basis, I invest in women with time and donations to different causes and candidates. But impact investing as described by this article is an entirely other venue for empowering women and girls (teaching how to fish versus giving them the fish).

What have you done to invest in women and girls, and who do you recommend for impact investment in women expertise in Northeast Ohio?

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